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Aluminum Trusses Are Very Popular Among The Organizers

Tuesday, April 17th 2012. | Marketing

In many clubs, at public events, beer tents and concerts, there are numerous aluminum beams in the stage area. They are used for attachment of lighting technology and therefore must be durable and stable. The often very large components for aluminum trusses are assembled to perfection by skilled, experienced personnel, and large strain. Even in the production, the cross members for stability and optimum functionality are tested. You must also hold great weight and burden of the public and withstand shocks. Aluminum is a durable material with consistently positive properties are perfectly convinced, and thus for the construction of trusses. For all concerts can be found for the high quality aluminum lighting trusses, which were further stabilized with special cross-bracing and optimized for the design of lighting technology. To organize events do not have to buy aluminum trusses, but they can be hired at reasonable price performance ratio, or bring directly from the company for lighting. As a rule, have the boy about his own aluminum beams and use them at all events. With practice and years of experience, they ensure a safe construction and optimal use of aluminum cross members.

Even if we are talking primarily about the lighting of the stage and the area in front of a stage play of the safety aspect of a very large role. The trusses must have a real attachment and must not fall over due to improper mounting or overloading. Here is a huge risk would be given to all visitors and their weight and the weight of the lighting technology could lead to serious accidents. Aluminum truss convince the use of high quality materials in perfect workmanship. The only way they stand out as the perfect opportunity to install high-quality lighting on stage and the great burden to withstand.

Standing up and dismantling, outgoing are aspects that are particularly stable and safe material processing base. Since aluminum trusses are used constantly and thus placed too often and dismantled, they must convince with consistently positive properties and thus fulfill high demands. Aluminum trusses are regularly tested by the TÜV and thus checked for safety and all requirements for perfect suitability for their use. This is an important prerequisite for their use and ensures the safety of visitors at events and meetings. The aluminum material is perfect and impresses with stylish design and optimum durability even under heavy loads and all weather conditions.

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